One of the most important factors of building a profitable blog is making sure you have a good niche. A good niche is more than just traffic.

A good niche should…

  • …be something that interests you, you have a good knowledge of, or you are willing to learn about.
  • …be monetizable, you should be able to sell ads or join affiliate programs.
  • …not be “crowded.” If there is a lot of competition, you might want to look elsewhere. In other words, don’t start a blog about insurance, or Apple products!
  • …of course, have a decent amount of traffic.

How to Find a Niche

1. Make a list of everything that interests you, you are well versed in, or would like to spend time learning about. These topics could range from sports equipment to fashion and wedding planning, and everything in between.

2. Although there are a few paid service that you can use to do your research I suggest you skip those for now and use the following free tools available online.

  • Google Trends. Nobody knows more about searches and traffic than the big G. Simply enter your keywords/phrases Google will give you a good amount of information that you can use.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Another free source to obtain valuable information for your niche. It gives you the search volume and CPC (average per click advertisers pay).
  • Check Clickbank for available products. A lot of available products can indicate a good niche.
  • Amazon. Like Clickbank if there are a lot of products being sold for that nice it can indicate that there is a large demand for it.

If you use the above tools you will have a good idea if the niche is worth pursuing. At this point you should have an idea of how big the niche is, how much competition there is, what the average advertiser is paying on adwords and if there are affiliate programs available.

Now you should narrow down your options to the top 3 and select the one that interests you the most.