On Tuesday we shared the first half of Karen’s post on When to Do a Brand Check.  Today we’re continuing on to see just How to Do a Brand Check.

Further reflection…

This is the stuff no one else can really tell you about. You need to do a hard look at your biz, and answer these questions honestly.

  • products – What products are big sellers? Which ones are not? Which ones are starting to feel like a
  • pain to deliver? How are your prices working out for you?
  • customers – What people do you seem to be attracting to your biz? Are they your ideal customers? What do your ideal customers seem most interested in?  Who are the customers you value the most, and why? Who are the ones you would rather not deal with again, and why?
  • strategies – Which marketing & sales strategies have been successful? Which have not? Which were the most FUN to do? Which seemed to bring in more of your ideal customers?
  • goals – Where do you want to take your business next? What are your goals for this year? What is your long term vision?

Now what?

Once you have this feedback and information in front of you, it is time to start thinking about any tweaks you need to make.

You may need to refresh & amplify your brand if you notice that

  • you are not attracting the right people
  • you are not selling the products/services you most want to offer
  • your pricing is not working
  • your brand doesn’t align with the vision you have for your business
  • you are not really standing out in the marketplace
  • your brand feels kind of bland – lacking in personality or some signature style
  • you have big goals that you want to achieve
  • your marketing strategies aren’t really working for you
  • you have a lack of confidence as you engage in marketing and sales strategies
  • you aren’t having fun with your biz any more or you just feel like something is missing from this thing that you were once so passionate about

These things can all be helped by getting clarity on the message you want to (need to) send with your brand, and then amplifying that message: loud & clear! So make a date with your biz. Spend a little time working ON your biz, so that the work you do IN your biz is more successful, more profitable, and more satisfying.

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