A business is built upon opportunities. They get you up on your feet. You ask questions. How can I make this work? How can I be helpful? How can I meet a need? They encourage participation. A hunger for new opportunities for your business is your new found secret to success. Seek them everyday.

I propose that you take 15 minutes each day to look for -or act on- one new opportunity each day. It could be as simple as initiating a conversation or sharing a photograph. Think about ways you can engage and be helpful to someone else.

1. What can I share?

When you share a thought, a tip or ask a question – you are revealing something of yourself and initiating a conversation. You may unearth a need you didn’t know existed.

2. Who can I follow-up with?

When you follow-up, you are helping to solve a problem. You might have to figure out how you can help or you might refer them to someone else. In either case – you won’t be forgotten. Follow-up is rare and beautiful.

3. Who can I reach out to?

When you reach out to new people – you are extending your influence. You might think about connecting with people compatible products and services. Find subtle ways to support them – commend them on a recent accomplishment or give them feedback they were seeking.

People crave deeper connections to objects and to each other. You can be there for them. All it takes is the willingness to look for the opportunity, to participate. A persistence and diligent effort in this direction will grow your business. Bit by bit – everyday – look for new opportunities to grow your business by enhancing the lives around you.

My husband and I are nearing our tenth year as full-time crafters, making sculpture and furniture from our hilltop home in Pennsylvania. I recently shared our business patterns in an eBook: All Craft. A Recipe to Make it Pay.

A business is built upon opportunities. A hunger for new opportunities for your business is your new found secret to success. Seek them everyday.