Your readers want information that relates to them, and that is one of the best ways to draw them in. The blog topics you choose can create a loyal fan base of readers.

If you want to choose blog topics that attract readers, here are some resources to use:

Keyword Data

People are searching certain keywords because they are interested in that topic. If you aren’t sure what to write about on your blog, using keyword traffic data can help you identify trending topics that readers are interested in. Use this information to create an interesting post, as well as raise your profile in the search engine results.

Seasonal Topics

During particular times of year, readers are interested in specific information. During the late spring and early summer, there is a great deal of interest in weddings. Other seasonal topics include those that revolve around holidays, popular travel schedules, and the financial calendar (tax season, end of the fiscal year, mid-year budget checkups).

Consider the calendar, and what’s happening right now. Whether you write about family activities for the fall, or whether you write about the best time of year to buy a home, blog topics based around the seasons can help you target readers in the moment. You can speak to them where they are right now.

Current News

Another great source of blog topic ideas is what’s going on in the news. When Suze Orman released a prepaid debit card, personal finance bloggers wrote about the subject. If you are an entertainment blogger, write about the latest news in that area.

You can take what’s happening in the headlines and turn it into a great blog post. After a natural disaster, people are looking for information on how to prepare for difficult situations. Your blog post on the topic can catch their attention.

Think about the latest news, and how it affects your readers. From the budget debates among politicians to the latest foodborne illness, you can make sure your readers know that your blog is a place for reliable information.

How-To Blog Posts

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. If you were your readers, what you would like to learn how to do? Some of the most popular blog topics are rooted in how-to blog posts. If you can show your readers how to do something useful and relevant, they will be more likely to become loyal readers. If you are stumped on what to write about, think about something that could benefit your reader and then write a tutorial on the subject.

Ask for Ideas

Sometimes, you can get a great blog post topic if you just ask for it. Ask someone you consider “ordinary” what they want to know. You can also ask your readers. I know some bloggers who ask their readers to submit blog topics. You can ask readers to leave a comment stating preferences, or you can make a simple (and free) survey and ask readers to fill it out.

When you answer reader questions, you know that you are providing posts that readers are interested in.

Your readers want information that relates to them. If you want to choose blog topics that attract readers, here are some resources to draw them in.