Hello!  Megan here!  I just wanted to let you know that I’m taking a break next week from Create Hype.  It’s been a wonderful, crazy, hectic, joyous year and Create Hype needs a little time to recover (and so do I) in order to come back with guns blazing in the new year.  So all next week I’ll be sitting at home with my feet up, drinking some cocoa, instructing my boyfriend to play with his new gifts somewhere else (please, no more new cameras for him!), and catching up on some business reading.

I hope you’re taking the week off as well.  Not only do you need to recharge your batteries, but you need to evaluate 2011 so you can set proper goals for 2012.  Yes, that means sitting down with your finances.  Ick!  But that’s the only way to see how much profit you actually made.  Profit is good!    You’ll also want to look at the success of your new products, new services, new website layout and see how you can build on that next year.  A little work now means a lot less stress in January!

While you’re looking over your finances and successes, you may also want to delve into a few of these short e-books from our guest writers!  They’ll help you grow your blog, your profit, your publicity, and your prices in 2012.  Happy Holidays!  See you on January 2nd, 2012!!

  • The Art of Earning by Tara Gentile – It’s time to change your relationship with money!  This book teaches you to see the true worth of your service or product and chucks out the shame you feel charging $100 an hour for your consultation or $200 for your leather purse, all because Tara shows you how to see the value you are giving your customers. Price – NAME YOUR OWN!
  • Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps by Annabel Candy – Annabel doesn’t just tell you how to start a blog; she walks you through every step of the process, dropping little bursts of insight with each page.  She clearly knows how to write a business blog and will get you thinking right off the bat about the people for whom you’re writing.  Price – $29!
  • Scoring Publicity for Your Small Business by Meredith Keller – Meredith’s approach offers step-by-step directions on how to pitch your amazing products and services to the press, whether they be blogs, shops, or the most popular magazines!  She not only tells you how to get the press you’ve always dreamed of but she provides you with sample pitches she’s sent out to big media outlets and raked in the glossy exposure pages.  Price – $39.99!
  • Pricing for Profit by Megan Auman – All of us STRUGGLE with pricing because everything seems either too high or too low but nothing feels right.  Or, our ‘right’ price makes us feel like only millionaires could buy our gorgeous stuff.  Megan helps you adjust your thinking by showing you why profit is NECESSARY, why formulas are only a starting point for your prices (remember materials + hourly rate + labor = wholesale x 2 = retail?  yeah, forget that!), and why you CAN sell your product at the price you want.  Price – $29!
  • Track This! by Brittni Melhoff – Goals are big and beautiful and terrifying and gut-wrenchingly hard!  Brittni’s e-book helps you make all of those big and terrifying goals and shows you how to work toward them in small, actionable bits.  Amazing insight (such as reverse engineering your traffic per sale to determine how much you traffic you need to draw to your site through marketing each month to meet your goals) lies sprinkled within.  Brittni also offers one-on-one help should you require more goal-conquering advice. – Price – $17!

 {Featured image via Apartment Therapy}