Product: Harnessing Google Analytics to Make More Money, Grow Your Brand, and Be a Better Marketer (Even if Technology Scares the Pants Off of You)

Creator: Meredith Keller

Claim to Fame: Business blogger extraordinaire of Smaller Box and owner of Ex-Boyfriend clothing collection.

Star Rating: 4 Stars!!!!

What it includes:

  • 28 page e-book

What I loved about it!

Before reading Meredith’s book, Google Analytics represented the most confusing thing in the world that I knew I HAD to understand to truly propel my business into success.  I’d had it installed for almost 2 years but beyond looking at the main line graph and the pretty colored map, I did nothing with it.  It intimidated me with all of its buttons and code.  Thankfully, Meredith’s book embraced my fear.  Her chapters are full of screenshots, highlighted code, and helpful tips for each step of the analysis.

What makes Meredith’s e-book unique?

First of all, Meredith taught herself everything in this book and propelled her business sky-high over a matter of months.  If she can do it, so can you!  Her book not only explains the bells and whistles, but she tells why each stat is important for your business and how you can boost your traffic, sales, and conversion rates with that knowledge!  I learned how to track the search words used by people who actually purchased an item (which has helped me rewrite my product descriptions), how to track conversion rates to my mailing list (to test different placements for my sign-up box), and how to determine who types in my website address vs. my brand name (which helps me see the strength of my brand).

Best of the best?

Codes!  Meredith provides you with the basic coding you need to track your e-commerce sales and conversions from events like downloading a freebie from your site.  I’ll admit that codes can be scary but Meredith walks you through every step.  And once they’re installed, you don’t have to do them again!  What could be better?

I’ll be honest and say that Google Analytics is intimidating but it has SO much to offer an entrepreneur.  It’s the best source of information we have about our businesses and if we harness that, we can change our marketing to be more-effective and our sites to be more SEO-friendly.  So, if you’re ready to do a little bit of hard work to skyrocket your business, I suggest picking up Meredith’s book, Harnessing Google Analytics to Make More Money, Grow Your Brand, and Be a Better Marketer.  It’s already helped me determine my new keywords and taught me how to figure out my conversion rates to my mailing list!  Seriously, Meredith is a guru at this stuff and she knows exactly what she’s talking about.