Product: Guide to Wholesale and Trade Shows

Creator: Megan Auman

Claim to Fame: Business blogger extraordinaire of Designing an MBA (formerly Crafting an MBA) and owner of Megan Auman jewelry.

Star Ratings: 5 Stars!

What it Includes:

  • 52 page e-book

What I loved about it!

Wholesaling is the next big step for many of us (I know it is for me!) because it means a whole new, amazing revenue stream.  Plus, who doesn’t want to see their work in shops all over the country, or even the world!  Megan’s e-book shows you exactly how to do a little leg-work and get a whole lot of wholesale results.  She dishes all the tips for writing a proper contract, creating a stunning line sheet, pricing your work to make the most profit, and rocking your first (or fifth) trade show.  (And in case you’re like me and are holding off on trade shows for one more year, all of her trade show tips can be applied to every other type of craft fair or art expo.)

What makes Megan’s e-book unique?

Megan is a wholesale and trade show veteran.  She’s learned all the tricks for getting people into her booth.  (Did you know you should put your most eye-catching item within the first 2 feet inside your booth?)  Her book also walks you through how to create a line sheet for your wholesale products.  Personally, this was one of my most recent obstacles because I had no idea what it should look like, how to ‘properly’ send it to shops, and how to follow up so that I wasn’t appearing desperate or pestering them.  I also had no idea how to create item numbers that would make sense or how many photographs to include.  Thankfully, Megan devotes entire chapters to these things, including how to pitch to stores and how to follow up after the pitch OR after a show.  Now that I know what store owners expect and want, I’ve honed my pitch and gained several new wholesale accounts just this month!  (Which only brings my grand total up to 6 but that’s still a good start!)

Best of the best!

Can I say the whole book?  I had so many questions about wholesaling before reading this book but afterward all I have left is excitement!  Not only was her insight extremely helpful and practical but it was honest.  She makes sure you’re not underselling your beautiful products and explains how to avoid contract pitfalls.  Her advice on trade shows is also appropriate for any show.  It’s all about your display, your interaction with customers, and your professionalism.  So even though I’m waiting one more year before I tackle a giant trade show, Megan’s tips are going to help me rock my holiday fairs!

I know that all of us are getting into the holiday mode already but almost immediately after that, it’s trade show time.  Stores start buying for the spring quarter as early as January and February so you need to get your line sheet ready and your pitch honed.  Also, it’s never too early to start looking at summer trade shows since application dates are always months in advance.  A little work during the holiday time could equal lots more money coming in during the slower months at the beginning of next year. 

Megan’s ‘Guide to Wholesale and Trade Shows’ is an amazing resource to help you reach your 2013 goals of more stable income, more revenue streams, more exposure, and, most importantly, more fun!  (Because who doesn’t think it’s fun to send their work out to shops in new states and new countries!)  If you’ve ever wanted to get your work out in front of a larger audience, if you’ve ever wanted to find a niche shop that will make your products shine, and if you’ve ever wanted to add ‘trade show veteran’ to your list of accomplishments, then in all honesty Megan’s book is all you need.  It has helped me create a line sheet I’m proud of, given me the guts to start looking at trade shows for 2013, and provided me all the juicy tips I need to rock my 2012 holiday shows.  Are you ready to embrace wholesaling?