Are you looking to make the most of 2014, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by your task list? We have the solution for you. Introducing Systematic Success by Natasha Vorompiova. In a nutshell, this program is “everything you need to know about crushing the chaos and streamlining your online business.”

If your upcoming projects feel at all overwhelming, this is the system for you.  It’s based on the life and pressures of Systematic Success model student, Sarah. She …

:: has a business in which she’s starting to see a return on investment, but it’s costing her. The workload is overwhelming, her energy is always spent, and her days often feel more draining than rewarding.

:: is always under tight deadline and can never seem to get ahead.

:: created this career for a sense of freedom but is feeling more imprisoned than ever before.

Can you relate? 

If so, Natasha (aka Systems Chick) is your countess in shining armor. She’s here to rescue you, just as she did Sarah. Here are her starting words of advice:

Right now, you’re an employee of your own business, which means your main focus is on checking off as many of the “to-do” items on your list as possible. The result? You have no time to look up. You have no mental space to consider if an and how your actions today will actually bring you closer to achieving your big vision for your business and lifestyle.

Her program includes step-by-step directions, worksheets, and checklists for creating a system that fits your individual needs. Systematic Success includes video tutorials and behind-the-scenes lessons and resources. Not only that, but when you sign up, you’ll get lifetime access to the program and a complimentary membership for your virtual assistant (or other member of your support staff).

A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things

My favorite part is how organized this organization system is! It will help you build a template for a more productive schedule, and it’s so simple to follow. All the while, Natasha serves as your positive, upbeat and knowledgable mentor.

Systematic Success offers tools, worksheets and additional resources to help with every area of your business, from new project management to financial goal-setting.

And last but not least, one of the most amazing features of the program is the support Natasha offers as you go through the program. There’s private networking and free live coaching calls (as well as a recorded archive of previous calls). It’s truly an amazing service and a system I highly recommend. Enrollment closes February 7th, so if you’re interested, please be sure to check it out soon!