We’re about 5 weeks away from the holiday season—are you ready to take advantage of it? It’s all about creating gift-ability. You want your products to be THE gift to give this holiday season. This doesn’t require a ton of work, huge financial investments, or a whole new product line. You can easily re-purpose your existing product line to generate higher sales and more customers visiting your store— all while creating a great customer experience and a stress-free holiday season for you.

That’s a tall order, but I think you can do it.

There are two things to consider before you start creating gift-ability for your brand: the type of gift being given, and the type of shopper who’s buying. Think about all the gifts that are given throughout the holiday season between home, work, school, and friends to family, friends, co-workers, teachers, bosses, and party hosts. There are a lot of potential sales right there—your product may not fit them all, but helping your customer cross as many people off of the holiday gift list as possible will give a great boost to your holiday sales.

The next step is to identify the different shoppers who appear during the holiday season—it can vary greatly from your usual base of customers. You’ll have those who are trying to cross as many people off of their list as possible—how many of your products could fit the bill? Of course, you’ll have guys shopping for the ladies in their lives with probably no clue what to get—could you provide the perfect gift? And you’ll always have last-minute shoppers—do you have pieces that you can ship quickly to get to your customer in time for giving? I bet you do.

Take a look through your product line and find solutions for all the gift-givers who will be shopping with you this holiday season. Can you look at individual products (such as a unisex item or a multi-purpose item) as a gift option for many different types? Tweak your marketing a little and sell it. Are there any items in your line that could be combined to create a gift set? (such as holiday cards + return address labels, or a bracelet +earrings combo). Put it in a box with a festive ribbon, get a photo on your storefront, and make it happen. Get active on your social media channels with “the perfect gift for _______.” If you can, try offering little incentives like gift wrapping or gift tags. Even simply dressing up your product photos with a little “holiday flavor” will make an impact. Your customers don’t expect to be wowed during the holiday season; taking the time to add little touches will certainly make an impression and leave your brand imprinted on their minds.

Remember: Make holiday shopping simple, quick, and memorable and you win life-time customers. You’re not only investing in your holiday season, you’re investing in the future of your brand.

Here’s to your thriving, profitable holiday!

{Featured image via Longiee}