Some of us need more than one short kick-in-the-pants when it comes to business advice.  Some of us desire constant inspiration, motivation, and help.  If you want a whole year’s worth of business-boosting wisdom, you are going to love the Empire Building Kit by Chris Guillebeau.

Product: Empire Building Kit

Creator: Chris Guillebeau

Claim to Fame: Author of $100 Startup and The Art of Non-comfority.  Also the author behind the amazing blog, The Art of Non-comfority: Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel.

Star Rating: 5 stars!!!

What it includes:

  • 365 mini lessons delivered via email
  • 6 video interviews with successful ’emperors’
  • 10+ PDF case studies
  • collection of short videos on specific tips
  • 365-task outline
  • optional add-ons: 43-step launch checklist & screen-capture modules

What we loved about it!

Chris really rolled everything into one with this kit.  From videos to audios to PDFS, he gives you every way possible to learn how to build your business into an empire.  The interviews with successful ’emperors’ range in topics from how to build your business in a high-end niche while working a day job to how to use a lack of formal credentials as a selling point.  There’s something for every business here thanks to the advice of people like Danielle LaPorte (the $1,000/hour strategist without a university degree), Dave Navarro (the ‘launch coach’), and Lisa Sellman (who walks dogs for $105,000 a year!).

What makes The Empire Building Kit unique?

Delivery.  We’ve never heard of any other business kit that delivers itself to your inbox every single day for a year!  This keeps you constantly moving forward to build the business of your dreams and holds you accountable if you miss a day because that unread email stares at you the next morning when you open your computer.  Plus, Chris gives you back-stage access to all of the other materials that go with the kit.  Even better is the fact that this kit can be used several different ways and Chris gives specific examples of how to use it depending on whether your ’empire’ is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced civilization. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!)

Best of the best!

Case studies.  Maybe we’re nerds but some of the best advice you can get comes from looking at the case studies of other businesses.  With over 10 extensive ones in this kit, you’ll be sure to come up with tons of new ideas for your empire.

If you crave more than a quick read and want a whole year’s worth of advice, motivation, business tips, case studies, and inspiring videos, The Empire Building Kit is the perfect fit.  Chris Guillebeau has gathered all of his wisdom and that of other successful ’emperors’ and bundled it into a massive product that comes to you every day.  Who wouldn’t want an email like that every day for a year?