Product: Creative Business Marketing 101

Creator: Meagan Visser

Claim to Fame: Creative business entrepreneur behind, a site where creative business and motherhood uniteIn addition she offers one-on-one coaching for Etsy sellers.

Star Rating: 4 Stars!!!!

What it includes:

  • 7 days of emails
  • Daily worksheets
  • Creating Your Marketing Plan set of worksheets
  • Marketing calendar
  • 50 practical marketing ideas
  • List of actionable steps

What I loved about it!

Meagan’s 7-day email course offered me a great kick-in-the-pants incentive to get my marketing strategy in tip-top shape for the holidays.  I loved starting each day of the course with an assignment for my business that got my brain churning and my excitement soaring. Her course pushed me to define my business goals and what I needed to do to reach those goals.  It also helped me reassess my target market by showing me how to clearly define my ideal customer and my unique selling point.  These small steps alone helped me create a targeted, and strong, holiday marketing plan.

What makes Meagan’s email course unique?

I love the fact that this course unfolded over an entire week.  It gave me enough time to do my ‘homework’ (the daily worksheets) each day and also give some serious thought to how I was going to amp up my marketing.  This a perfect course for those going into their first holiday season because it helps you build a powerful base that will propel your sales upward long after the presents have been ripped open.  This course offers a lot to those who are seasoned sellers as well because it allows you to give your marketing a quick makeover.  (For me, it only took the one week of the course to increase my sales by half again!  Just from a few tweaks to my descriptions and who I was targeting!)  In addition to looking at your target market and goals, Meagan helps you decide which social media platforms fit your unique business (and you) so you can enact a concentrated, and enjoyable, marketing plan.

Best of the best?

Worksheets!  Each daily email comes with a set of worksheets to help you put Meagan’s advice into action.  She also provides a special set of worksheets to help you create a complete marketing plan that you can plug into your marketing calendar (also provided) step by actionable step.  And, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than filling in calendars and worksheets with big, gorgeous goals for your business!

If you want to make this holiday season the best one yet, you need to have a marketing plan that is strong and shows off your amazing work!  Meagan’s email course helped me tweak my current marketing strategies to better include my unique selling point.  It also helped me significantly narrow down my target market so that I get the most bang for my buck with advertising these next two months.  Her calendar helped me figure out when to have my sales, when to launch one last product before the holidays, and how often to tweet each day.  Creative Marketing 101 is a great refresher for anyone who has been in business for a year because it can really makeover your marketing strategy in just one week!  And for those business owners looking forward to their first holiday season, the course offers some amazing advice to help you show customers just how spectacular your product/service really is.  Meagan Visser’s email course just launched today so be one of the first to get in on this amazing 7-day series!