Convert Your Holiday Sales into Repeat Business | Create Hype

I hope this season finds you enjoying a holiday rush of sales! Here are a few tips on converting those holiday customers into repeat business.

1. Always start with the email list.

Ask any successful online storefront, small business, or popular persona which marketing tool most helped them achieve their success, and across the board the answer will be:

Build an email list.

You must have a way to capture and engage with your customer base, and the email list is the most important marketing tool you could possibly utilize. Here are a few ideas to help you get email subscribers …

  • Invite your fans and friends to join your list. I keep a link to my email list sign-up on my shop announcement on Etsy, and every time I get a custom or restock request, I remind the customers that they can keep an eye out for new designs by signing up for my company newsletter. I also email the link in the automated “thank you” message with the receipt of purchase.
  • Entice them. I often post the email subscription page on Facebook and Twitter when I’m about to run a special promotion. My list gets special previews and exclusive sales, and I’m sure to let fans and followers know what they’re missing.
  • Honor the connection. The number one reason email marketing works is that, when done correctly, it enhances the relationship between you and your customer. As the saying goes, familiarity breeds affection. Over time, your customers will grow to know and trust you, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to show them that you care.

2. Consider every customer a repeat buyer.

The majority of my first-time buyers become my repeat customers, and you better believe I honor that bond. I urge you to take a step back the next time you get a sale to look at the bigger picture. Don’t think of any sale as a one-time deal; always treat each order as if you’ve just earned a loyal customer for life. How can you turn a one-off customer into a collector?

3. Throw customer appreciation sales.

When I reach a landmark goal, such as 500 sales, I celebrate by creating a deal in which I don’t lose, but the customer clearly wins. The listing price pays for cost and materials, but I don’t profit much. These sales are fun for the customer, and they enjoy the special treatment while I appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude for them.

You can check out my latest example of a customer appreciation sale by clicking here. Here’s wishing you a successful end year~