Want to know the truth about freelancing writing online and professional blogging?  If you’ve ever dreamed of working from home and writing for blogs and businesses all over the world, you are going to love Miranda Marquit’s new book that reveals all the secrets of being a successful freelance writer.

Product: Confessions of a Professional Blogger

Creator: Miranda Marquit

Claim to Fame: Freelance writer and author

Star Rating: 5 stars

What it includes:

  • 10 chapters that will give you all the inside secrets of a successful freelance writing career

What we loved about it!

Miranda walks you through every step of starting and growing a freelancing career.  She tells you how to decide what your ‘expertise’ topics will be, where to go to find the best-paying writing gigs, and how to control cash flow to ensure you always have a steady stream of writing going out and money coming in.

What makes Miranda’s book unique?

Miranda’s book is unique because she really gives back-stage access to her career and work strategies.  She keeps nothing back in terms of where she goes for gigs, who she works with, and how to get started and find your area of ‘expertise’.  Not many people would share so much information or give such insight into how to make your own business successful and skip the pitfalls most fall into on their way to a freelance career.

Best of the best!

She honestly explains how she makes the majority of her money as a professional blogger.  It’s so rare that someone tells you how they make a living that Miranda’s book comes across as incredibly fresh and helpful.

Miranda is currently crowdfunding the publication of her book, Confessions of a Professional Blogger.  Pre-order now and start on the path to working from home.  It’s just gotten a whole lot easier to be a freelance writer and blogger thanks to Miranda Marquit.