Want to score major media mentions for your creative business? That’s exactly whatPeter Shankman hoped he could help small businesses do when he started Help a Reporter Out, a site that allows you to sign up to a thrice weekly email which contain tons of major media queries you can respond to.Once a Facebook group that got a little too big for it’s britches, HARO blew up and has helped so many people gain big press using their simple methodology. Here’s an example of how it works:


Let’s say  you create and sell t-shirts, and you see a query from a reporter at the New York Times who wants to do a piece on entrepreneurs who create their own products.You would simply respond to their query by email detailing why you’d be great for their story and voila – possible press in the making!

If you’re not already subscribed, I urge you to scoot over right now and add yourself to HARO.