It’s no secret that blogging can be a fantastic marketing strategy for your business. Blog content is great for SEO, blog posts are easy to share over and over, and a blog is a great way to connect with your customers in a way that static website information can’t.

But what if you are “not a writer”? Oh yes, I know you are out there. When you read or hear about the benefits of blogging for your business you automatically think “but I am not a writer!” or “what could I possibly write about that anyone would want to read?” or “I try to write a blog post but I can never come up with ideas!”

Remember – your blog can be anything you want it to be. You do not need to write traditional articles (like this one here.) Here are 4 ideas for blog posts that do not require you to be a writer; in fact you barely have to do any writing at all!

1. Let your customers or clients come up with the content.

  • Put a call out to your fans & readers that you are looking for customers to tell a story about their experience (in some way related to your niche).
  • Interview a previous client and get them to tell your readers about where they were at before, any fears or worries they had, what it was like working through your process, and what results they have had.
  • Ask a question on your Facebook page and tell readers that you will publish the best responses on your blog. You could look for tips, solutions to a common problem, the best advice around, or something just plain entertaining.

Bonus Points: people LOVE to be featured on a blog and will share these articles for you

2. Use images to tell a story.

  • Use free software like picmonkey to highlight your product – create a collage using a standard product photo, a close up showing details, and the product in use so people can imagine themselves using it. You can even add text right to the collage with further details.
  • Ask readers to submit their own photos – for example receiving your product in the post, using the product, a before and after shot of your service, or a shot that represents how your items make them feel. An app like Instagram is an easy and fun way to encourage participation.

Bonus Points: images make your posts more pinnable to Pinterest and stand out more on

3. Write a list post.

  • Compile a list of the best blogs, forums, services, products, or other online resources (related to your niche) and share that list with your readers.

Bonus Points: people are usually really honored to have their blog/business/product/service featured in a ‘best of’ list and will likely share your post with their fans too

4. Let a video do the talking.

  • YouTube videos are generally quite easy to embed into a blog post. Find a tutorial, music video, funny clip, or current affair that will appeal to your fans. Write a short blurb about why you are sharing the video and ask readers to comment – use it as the starting point to further engagement.
  • Make your own video! All you need these days is a smart phone and the free software on your computer (along with a well lit location where you can be heard) and you can easily take a decent video to share with your fans. Let them see your process for working, give them a taste of your expertise, or tell them something about your passion.

Bonus Points: a short video can be a very quick alternative to writing and many people feel more connected to you via video.

Don’t let writer’s block hold you back from blogging. It can be a fantastic strategy for your business; you may just need to think outside the box when coming up with content. And if you have fun, your readers will too.

{Featured image via Life Learning Today}