The new year is coming up fast and now is the time to starting planning how to make it the best for your business.  Thankfully, Lisa Jacobs has just revealed a project 2 years in the making: the ultimate planner for creative entrepreneurs!  It’s everything you need to keep you on-track toward reaching those big goals you have for 2014.

Product: Your Best Year: 2014 – Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner

Creator: Lisa Jacobs

Claim to Fame: Blogger behind Marketing Creativity and the owner of the Energy Shop

Star Ratings: 5 Stars!

What it Includes:

  • 200 pages of prompts, goal-setting exercises, goal-prioritizing exercises, and hard questions
  • Available as an ebook or printed copy through Amazon

What we loved about it!

So many people wait until the new year to begin planning their year but now is the time to start writing down goals and deciding how to reach them.  Lisa created this planner for herself so you know it has everything in it that a creative entrepreneur needs to be successful in 2014.

What makes this e-book unique?

This planner is longer than most, 15 months instead of 12, and it really breaks down each quarter and each month in new ways.  You set your monetary and marketing goals each month and then devise your strategies for reaching them.  Before you get started though, Lisa has a lot of hard questions for you to answer to see which path you need to pursue to take in the money you want.   You’ll break down your revenue streams, identify what success means to you, and break down just how you’re going to meet your goals.  Lisa also put in quarterly reviews to keep yourself accountable for your success.

Best of the best!

Monthly overview pages!  These allow you to see the bigger picture for your business as well as chart your growth and success month to month.  So often we only focus on the day to day stuff when really we need to keep the bigger goals in mind to make big leaps in our business.  You can write out your goals for the month and then plot them out day by day on the calendar provided.

Make 2014 your best year yet with Lisa’s Productivity Workbook & Creative Business Planner.  With 200 pages of worksheets, prompts, and year-long accountability, how can you not make 2014 your best yet?