Stuck in a revenue rut?  It’s time to Become Your Own Business Adviser and take action in your business.  Learn how to launch products and services with confidence and open up new revenue streams with ease.

Product: Become Your Own Business Adviser

Creator: Hiro Boga

Claim to Fame: Business coach extraordinaire for creative entrepreneurs

Star Rating: 4 stars

What it includes:

  • 12 lessons over 12 weeks
  • 90 minute audios each week
  • Explorer’s Guide workbook
  • private class forum
  • 3 live calls
  • Bonus live call on writing sparkling copy for your website

What we loved about it!

You can read all the business books you want but until you trust yourself to make confident  (and correct) decisions, you’ll stay in your rut.  Hiro Boga’s course teaches you how to listen to the little voice inside of you as well as the facts staring you in the face and make bold new choices that will lead your business in the right (and financially successful) direction.

What makes Hiro’s e-course unique?

Her audio lessons each week are marvelous.  You get to sit down with a true business coach guru who shares all of her wisdom with you so you can take action.  The live calls also help to get new ideas flowing and give you a support system to rely on when things start to move fast or your conviction about something exciting falters.  Plus, with audios, you can take them anywhere?  That commute to work will certainly not be dull for these 12 weeks with Hiro.

Best of the best!

You get a lifetime membership!  Each time Hiro runs the course, you get to do it all over again…for free!  You’ll get to pick the brains of other entrepreneurs and ask Hiro about new issues that have arisen since your last class.  Honestly, this got us very excited because we all know that the second time round, you come up with even more out-of-this-world results.

The confidence you gain from Become Your Own Business Adviser is amazing.  You’ll feel like you know exactly where to take your business over the next six months, a year, two years, etc.  In a world of so many creative entrepreneurs, being one with the confidence to strive boldly and make decisions quickly on what you want will set you apart. 

Want even more? The free preview call for BYOBA is just around the corner: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 10am PST.