When it comes to promoting yourself in social media, you can’t ignore Google+. Mainly because it’s Google. But there are some pretty cool features associated with Google+, and that can help you better manage your promotion strategy, and possibly even rank better in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Features of Google+

As you might expect, there is sharing with Google+. You can add images, and locations, and share blog posts. You can comment on others’ posts, and carry on a conversation. One of the great things about Google+ is the “Circles” feature. You can categorize your contacts according to how you know them, or what they’re interested in. You can make sure that certain messages and posts only go to those who are interested in them. This can help you target your message, and your list, and any special offers and promotions you might have.

Are You Using Google+ as a Blogger?Another cool feature is the Google Hangout. You can create a group of people to video chat. Create Hangouts that allow you to brainstorm with other bloggers, and discuss related concepts. Done right, you can work collaboratively. It’s great for meetings, and to ensure that you are all seeing the same thing at the same time.  Using Google+ can help you connect to others in a new way, and control what information you let others see.

Google+: Profile and Authorship

One of the coolest things about Google+ is the way that it helps you connect your profile to what you write, and what appears in the SERPs. In an attempt to recognize authority sources, it’s possible to integrate your Google+ experience with the search engines. You can link from your Google+ profile to your author profile on other sites.

Visitors to your profile will see where they can find you. On it’s own, this is a bonus. It provides a place that Google likes to list all that you are doing online. However, there is an added bonus: You can set it up on your site to tell Google to use your Google+ image to appear in the SERPs next to something you write. It requires a little extra markup on the sites where you are an author, but it can be well worth it.

When you have the integration between your Google+ profile, and your author profile(s), it tells Google that you are an expert on a certain subject. This can provide you with a little extra authority. Also, with Google moving more toward a personalized Web, it makes sense that people in your circles will be more likely to see what you’ve written. On top of that, having a professional image can help improve the chances that your result will be picked from the SERPs.

As a blogger, boosting your authority is important. And it doesn’t hurt if you can boost your authority with Google, as well as with your readership. It’s worth it to be on Google+, even if things are moving somewhat slowly for its adoption by a wider audience. There are great features and opportunities for those who look for them.