We all get to a certain point in our businesses where we need to grow.  We need to make new connections, spread the work, land killer endorsements, and collaborate with new people.  But how do you get the people you idolize to agree to all that?  How do you get their attention?  Erin Giles gives you the tools you need in her new e-book, which is all about writing compelling emails.

Product: Amp Your Ask – 7 Scripts to Get Big Names to Say Yes to You

Creator: Erin Giles

Claim to Fame: Business coach, founder of End Sex Trafficking Day, and co-author of the forthcoming, End Sex Trafficking book.

Star Ratings: 4 Stars!

What it Includes:

  • 28 page e-book
  • 7 scripts ready to send!
  • 2 bonus videos
  • Email organizer worksheet to help with follow-ups

What we loved about it!

Erin has taken her recent success with EST Day and turned it into an e-book to help you accomplish your dreams.  So many of us just put a product/service out there and neglect to ask for help spreading the word.  Erin’s Amp You Ask book gives you an easy way to reach out to the people you’ve been following (perhaps even idolizing) to see if they’ll spread the word, give a testimonial, contribute to a project, or be your mentor.  You know you have a whole list of people you’ve been dying to chat with but don’t know how to get their attention…or worse, you’re scared they’ll say no.  Erin’s scripts show you how to stand out in their inbox, share your passion, and conquer your fears.

What makes Erin’s e-book unique?

Erin provides you with 7 scripts that you can use to find a mentor, get someone like Seth Godin to contribute to your cause, promote your work, and even land you a dream client.  All you have to do is fill in a few blanks with your honest passion for what you’re asking and hit send!  These scripts are powerful, short, and have already helped Erin raise $10K in 28 days for her EST book.  So just imagine what they can do for you!

Best of the best!

Extra videos!  To make the book even more useful, Erin added in two short videos.  The first shows you exactly how to use the scripts provided.  The second shows you how to locate hard-to-find contact information.  This is really helpful when it comes to freelance writers or big entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo.

You have a passion for your business and that passion can ignite others to follow your cause.  All it takes is to send an email asking for their help!  Amp Your Ask – 7 Scripts to Get Big Names to Say Yes to You is an amazing e-book that will help you make new connections, collaborations, and successes.  It’s time to stop waiting for your dreams; go out and email those amazing people on your list with Erin’s help!