So you have a blog and you have a biz but sadly no press action? I am here today to share with you 5 extra fancy, yet easy peasy, ways to let the press know you mean business. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Have a Gravatar

What in the goodness is a Gravatar you ask? No it is not the sequel to James Cameron hit.  It’s a globally recognized avatar with an image you have chosen that follows you around the web when you post a comment to a blog post. When you set it up you also have the ability to put your super-dee important web site address along with your photo. So once your image is clicked, the person so extra curious to know who you are goes straight to your site! Click here to get started!

2. Have at least 1 Professional Photo of Yourself

I have visited so many blogs and as a human being I naturally want to see who, as in what other human being, is selling or creating the product or post I am interested in. If I don’t see a picture, there is no opportunity for a connection. On the other hand, if I see a crazy picture of you with your cat in your pjs, my first impression is that you don’t take what you are doing seriously.  And if that’s what I think, just envision what the press must think! If you can’t budget professional photography right now, approach some photographers and suggest bartering.  It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

3. Sell Your Business by Selling Your Story

I know you’re like, “Wait a second, it isn’t all about me…it’s about what I’m selling.” WRONG! The media gets sold through your story telling, your About page and the inspiration behind your product. They can’t interview your e-book or the purse you just whipped up! They have to interview you, so you must present yourself as someone interesting and worthy of an interview. If you need help writing about yourself, like so many of us do (myself included), have someone interview you and record it.

4. Keep Your Blog Beautimous

This I could write an entire post about…and possibly will in the future. Where to start? Clean up your blog a bit. If you have buttons on the side of sponsors, keep them all the same size. Take down your follower count. What is this, high school? And most importantly, try and stay away from the busy backgrounds, unless you are a designer and know what you’re doing, this could be a big no-no.

5. Own Your Own Domain

Now I am not saying that good things can’t come to those who are at but what I am saying is you will look more serious about your business if you own your own domain. It shows that you believe in it and are investing in it. It is also a whole lot less letters to type in the browser, thus making it quicker to get to and easier to remember for the potential press scoping you out.

So you probably have some work to do. Start with the most tedious and work your way down, that way you won’t put the hard stuff off. I would love to hear what has worked for you in the past in the comments below…or even better, your questions!

So you have a blog and you have a biz but sadly no press action? Erin Giles shares with you 5 easy ways to let the press know you mean business.