I look at a LOT of websites every day and there are bad habits that I see over and over again that en masse can drive me up a wall.  If you want to improve the professional look of your site, up your conversion rates, and not make your customers want to bash their heads against the wall, PLEASE take these 5 things off your website!

1. Music – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly spilt tea on my laptop because all of a sudden country music is blaring out of my speakers.  Music is not only distracting and heart attack inducing, but it will signal your boss that you are so not doing your job.

2. Blogger awards – You’re not in high school anymore so why are you posting your popularity contest winnings?  It’s time to show off that you’re a business owner, not a teenager.

3. Outgoing ads and links – You’ve worked so hard to get people to your site so why are you sending them away?  Unless you’re making a nice bonus from affiliate programs or your blog IS your business, you should make the links in your site bar inbound ones that show off your products, courses, or popular posts.

4. Contact information as a JPEG – When I’m flying through a site and want to contact you, it’s SO frustrating to highlight your email address only to discover it’s an image.  You’re then counting on my frazzled mind to correctly remember and type your email address.

5. Profile picture from your wedding – Unless you are a wedding planner or your business has to do with weddings, I really can’t think of you as a business lady if you’re in your white dress making out with your new husband.  (I know I’m going to get bashed for this one but if you’ve been married for five years and are still using that photo, it’s really time to get a new one taken!)

I know this post may make you mad and I’d love to hear your objections!  But remember, I look at over 30 creative business sites a day and I know the ones that are bringing in the money.  Yes, it may be hard for you to take down Johnny Cash’s, ‘Ring of Fire,’or your flashy GIF contact information image.  Keep in mind though that your site’s purpose is to show potential customers that you are a real business!

So take a long look at your site and see how many of these 5 things are lurking there.  Then kick them off and fill their spots with clean, in-bound links and professional photos!

{Featured image via Pink Tentacle}