I’m so pleased to share this very special guest post from Marie Forleo (!) and Laura Roeder (!) from Rich Happy Hot B-School! They have some killer FREE marketing videos available ONLY for the next few days, so be sure to check them out.

Have you been stuck in the same holding pattern in your business? Same revenue, same number of sales, same level of attention?

If you want a different output you have to put in a different input! You can’t expect to keep doing the same things and get different results. Adding more income streams isn’t more difficult than what you’re doing now, you just need to make different choices.

Here are three instantly implementable ideas that you can put into place TODAY to add new income streams to your crafty business:

Reoccurring Orders: Did you think magazines were the only one with subscriptions? No way! Since when do people buy just one necklace, coffee mug, or skirt? If people love your creations they want more! Give your fans a way to keep up with your best items by creating an “of the month club”, a series of items, or a special set of products that is released over time. Sign customers up for a subscription to count on reoccurring revenue for your business.

Work On Commission: If you only create your own designs you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! The highest end customers want to have a say in their own custom creations, and people expect to pay big bucks for one of a kind items. Approach your best customers and ask if they’d like you to create a special piece custom-tailored to their unique tastes and personality.

Create Limited Editions: Turn your limited production capacity to a huge plus side for your business! If you only have the hours to create a small batch of something anyway, why not advertise that fact? Start hand-numbering your items and decide how many you’ll create. (Pssst, you can always do a “second run” if they sell out!) Limited editions turns your regular creations into sought-after, exclusive pieces.

Put one (or all three) of these strategies in place today to see a quick spike in your bottom line.

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