Link Hype 9-3-11

Link Hype 9-3-11

Friday!  You made it!  If you’re anything like me, Friday starts with a larger cup of coffee and a bigger cookie come snack time.  So munch that cookie and sip that coffee and enjoy these 5 business articles I found this week that will really boost your business, allow you to conquer Google +, and muster your marketing with Etsy’s new ads.

Recently Etsy released Search Ads on their site.  In order to know how well your marketing efforts are working, however, you need to know how to Understand Your Search Ads Stats.

Google + opened up to everyone last week and now we all need to scramble to learn it and master its possibilities for boosting traffic and SEO for our site.  Thankfully Social Media Examiner this week shared 2o Ways to Master Google +.

Did you manage to snag any of the Missoni products at Target?  Probably not.  That’s because they ran a home-run launch.  Now YOU can have a similar launch by utilizing the 4 Lessons from Missoni Mania by Crafting an MBA.

You work so hard organizing your online shop but Are You Organizing Your Shop for Your Customer or Yourself?  The answer could determine your success.

If you’ve taken the big leap of deciding to start a blog, you may want to read this article right away!  Think Traffic shares some awesome tips on How to Find a Great Domain Name for a New Blog and Set It Up in 15 Minutes.

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