Link Hype 8-17-2012

Link Hype 8-17-2012

We don’t know where the summer flew off to but school starts up again soon and for many of us that means more time for our businesses.  This week we’ve found some good business resources in addition to articles for you.  You’re especially going to love our resource for taxes and accounting.  Happy reading! 

Next week we’ll be announcing our call for entries to get a free shop critique from us!

So many people want to use the recession as an excuse but Michelle Ward is on a mission to prove that The Recession is Bullhonkey: Kris’ Story.  This entrepreneur’s story will not only inspire you but help you push past the fears that now is NOT the time to have a thriving business.

Let’s face it: accounting is hard.  That’s where the Sweeter CPA comes in.  She can answer all of your tax and accounting questions in a very, easy to understand language.  Best of all, she works exclusively with creative entrepreneurs!

We all want success NOW but The Sales Lion shared an honest story this week that shows why the good things in life area All in Due Time: A Story of Rejection and Growth.

If you want to be a leader, you need to be a reader.  That’s what the Harvard Business Review just revealed after a study, For Those Who Want to Lead, Read.  This post shows you how to integrate your reading into your business.

Tara Gentile dropped a bombshell this week with her post on why Making It Up as You Go is No Reason for Fear.  Everyone, no matter if they’re a superstar or a beginner, makes their business plan up as they go so take heart!

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