Link Hype 2-24-12

Link Hype 2-24-12

This week has been incredible for me since I’ve been attending Tara’s Art of Earning LIVE out in Philadelphia.  My brain is still buzzing with ideas and so many great business tips to share with you!  But for now, as I’m trying to get back into the groove, I’ll share 5 inspiring business articles I found this week that will help you think up bigger and better plans for your own creative business!

This week the When I Grow Up Coach posted an inspiring guest post by Tara Gentile that discusses You’re Ambitious.  Now What?  You’re going to love this one!

Ever wondered what rich people do different?  The Feel Good Lifestyle shared a list of 17 Things Rich People Do Differently.  You’ll be surprised by what’s on the list.

Jess of Epheriell Design posted an amazing guest post this week that delves into the difficult question, How Do You Realize Your Creative Dreams AND Stay Sane?  An Interview with the Maven Circle Girls.

Is ‘write an e-book’ on your to-do list for 2012?  If so, you’ll definitely want to read this post by Giga Om that explains Why E-books Will Be Much Bigger Than You Can Imagine.

This week Expert Enough wrote a great article that discusses 5 Avoidable Things Keeping You From Getting Good.  If you’ve wanted to get good, and I mean ‘really good’, at your creative work, you’ll want to read this post!

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Megan Eckman is the community coordinator for She loves meeting new creative entrepreneurs and sharing their knowledge with others. She also runs her illustration business, Studio MME, which helps people rekindle their wonder.

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  1. Hey Megan,

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Yeah it’s pretty surprising what leads to “the millionaire mindset”.. But it makes a lot of sense too when we stop to think about it.

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