Link Hype 12-21-12

Link Hype 12-21-12

Some claim the world will end today but just in case it doesn’t, we’ve worked hard to find some very inspiring and informative business articles.  There’s barely any time left till the holidays but hopefully you get a few minutes to sit down today and brainstorm how you’d like your business to be in 2013.  The articles we found today show you how to write invoices that get paid right away, pick your word for 2013, and build customer loyalty via social media.  Happy reading!

The best businesses are flexible and that’s why PR in Your Pajamas shared The 3 Keys to Business Flexibility.  Using these techniques will really help you grow your business in 2013.

Sometimes the best way to garner inspiration to start the new year (and continue month after month on a path to the business of your dreams) is to pick a meaningful word.  The When I Grow Up Coach shared her Word of the Year and shows you how to pick the perfect word for your 2013.

So many of us craze popularity on social media.  We want to be like Seth Godin.  But Grow wrote an eye-opening post about The Paradox of Social Media Popularity.

Social media works best as marketing when you’re authentic and that’s why shows you How to Build Customer Loyalty in 2013.

Sometimes getting a shop owner to pay your invoice can be like pulling teeth.  Thankfully the Mogul Mom shared 4 Steps for Creating Invoices That Get Paid.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas next week so we’ll see you back here on the 26th!  We wish you all the very best time with friends and family.  Don’t feel bad about telling everyone about your amazing business when they ask what you’ve been up to this year.  We guarantee they’ll be blown away!

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