Link Hype 12-16-11

Link Hype 12-16-11

We made it!  The holiday shipping season is over (or days from being over)!  It’s time for a celebration and taking a week or two off to recoup.  In between your glasses of egg nog and cocoa, I think you’ll enjoy taking a peek at the articles I found this week.  They cover how to create a mailing list template, how NOT to market your blog, and how to carve out your niche.

Mailing lists are CRUCIAL to your business’s success and if you’re not utilizing your subscribers, 2012 is the year to start!  Thankfully Nathalie Lussier shared this wonderful tutorial on Creating a Newsletter Template in Mailchimp.

After a little vacation, it’ll be time to get creative again.  This week Lateral Action gave out 6 Tips to Building Your Creative Endurance.  These steps will help you push through the slow months of winter.

Is 2012 your year to launch your business or quit your day job?  Then you’ll definitely want to read through this amazing post by Corbett Barr that gives you Three Reasons to Never Take Another Job.  Believe me, they’re not what you think.

Sometimes it’s actually better NOT to boost your blog’s exposure through mass marketing means.  The Blog Design Guy shares how he learned this lesson the hard way in his article, How to Increase Your Daily Traffic by 4029% (and Why You Don’t Want to).

This week Blog Cast FM released an insightful podcast that explains how to find your niche and rock it!  This interview with Emilie Wapnick will certainly get you excited and thinking about how to carve out your own niche.  Check out the podcast about Making Over $4,000 with a List of Only 500 People with Emilie Wapnick.

I have an extra-special link for you as well to help you write those big 2012 goals for your business.  The wonderful Meagan Visser released a free goal planner.  In her own words: This goal planner is a digital guide that highlights the importance of setting goals for your biz & it takes you step-by-step through the task of creating your goals. Worksheets galore are included. I love me some worksheets!  Check it out at Meagan’s site!

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