Link Hype 11-18-11

Link Hype 11-18-11

Whew!  We are getting so close to the holidays now that it’s frightening!  I’m keeping it short and sweet this week!  Here are 5 amazing articles I found this week that will give you a little holiday boost!!  Happy reading!

If you’re a mom AND an entrepreneur, you should definitely check out The Mogul Mom.  This week they posted an amazing article that shares 5 Creative Ways to Market Your Product with busy moms specifically in mind.

As you’re planning and setting goals for 2012, you need to figure out what obstacles there will be as well.  But I doubt you’ll realize Your Own Biggest Obstacle, which is where Corbett Barr can help.  He posted an eye-opening, inspirational post this week that you’ll want to check out.

You may be planning to expand your ‘dream team’ next year (perhaps to 2 or 10).  This heartfelt video on Savor the Success will help you know how to build that ‘dream team’ and also how to know when someone isn’t going to help you move toward your goal.

There are still a few weeks yet to the holiday season and that means there are still a few weeks left for you to diversify your product line.  (Not to say that you can’t put that off until 2012!)  Diversification offers new revenue streams and more raving fans.  This week Meredith of Smaller Box shared some amazing advice on Diversifying Your Product Line to Boost Sales.

There’s still time to send out a holiday newsletter to your fans!  This great post by Get Elastic will help you make sure you include all the key points.  Holiday Email: A 12 Point List to Check Twice Before You Hit Send is chuck-full of good tips that will help convert readers into buyers.

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  1. I think it’s important to diversify one’s brand line. It’s important to extend it if possible and reach different target markets.

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