Link Hype 10-14-2011

Link Hype 10-14-2011

I’ve had a wonderful week this week.  Have you?  I hope so.  If your Blackberry went all fizzly then perhaps it wasn’t such a good week, but hopefully the weekend will be extraordinary!  I’m off to San Francisco and Santa Cruz to replace artwork at my shows.  I can’t wait!  (Mostly I can’t wait because my boyfriend owes me ice cream but I’m also a little excited by the response my artwork has been getting.)

This week was a great week for creative business articles and I think you’re going to love these ones!  They’re full of eye-opening advice and some great tips we can all put into motion right away!

You determine your prices AFTER you know what it costs you to make a piece and pay your overhead, labor, and wages.  But do you really know What Does It Cost to Run Your Business?  I for one will be spending the weekend looking at my finances again.

I have to admit I am VERY competitive.  If I can compete at anything (whether it’s who can drink their glass of milk fastest to who can find the Kleenex at Target first), I will.  Are you like that?  This week April Bowles-Olin posted a great article on how to deal withYour Biggest Competition in a healthy, productive way.

Chances are you need to raise your rates.  In fact, chances are you need to double your rates.  Tara Gentile wants you to ponder, It’s Time to Raise Your Rates…Now What?  She covers some great steps for business owners to take as they go through the process of changing their prices for the benefit of themselves AND their customers.

As your blog grows in traffic and attention, you may be approached by some big names who want to feature you, who want to place ads on your site, or who want to court you in some other way.  I myself had this happen a few months back and had no idea what to do.  I wish I’d known about this post by Jess Van Den where she explains, Why I Don’t Blog About Big Name Brands and Why Maybe You Shouldn’t Either.

Passion.  Love.  Those are the elements that should be at the center of your business.  My heart started to flutter a little when I saw Scott Dinsmore’s post this week, 10 Proven Actions You Can Take Today to Start Making Money from Your Passion Tomorrow.  He really provides wonderful advice and shows you how to keep your passion at the forefront of your business.

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