Drop EITHER/OR From Your Business, Embrace BOTH/AND

Either I actually sell this product.

Or I charge what it’s worth.

Either I make a difference in this world.

Or I make enough to pay the bills.

Either I create art.

Or I create value.

We’ve been taught that either/or is that way to consider our choices. It’s the very definition of choice. Either you do one thing or you do the other.

Wanna do both? Nope. Nada. I don’t think so.

Drop the either/or. Embrace both/and.

One of the key tenets of my philosophy of making money beautifully is attaching a both/and to every place I’ve ever hooked an either/or.

True, choosing to “both/and” a decision can feel like stepping through the wardrobe into a snowy fantasy land.

    • Both sell this product AND charge what it’s worth?
    • Both make a difference in this world AND make enough to pay the bills?
    • Both create art AND create value?

But that fantasy setting is what gets us out of the usual patterns of thinking about our selves, our abilities, and our earning potential. It gets us into a place where we can truly think creatively about business decisions.

The juxtaposition of two things that once seemed diametrically opposed allows us to see solutions that were never possible before. It prompts us to ask giant “What if?” questions that prompt our creative minds to run in overdrive.

Suddenly your business is no longer trucking along the same old tired path. It’s inspired. It’s floating.

There’s no longer a right or wrong way to create a business. Nope, there’s only the business of your own creation, a product of your imagination, the solution you couldn’t have planned for.

What have you told yourself is off limits or impossible because of an either/or situation? How can you rethink the impossible by inserting a both/and?

Written by Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is a business coach and blogger serving passion-driven entrepreneurs and artists of all sorts with fresh ideas about productivity, passion, and profit. She's the author of the digital guide, The Art of Earning.

2 Responses to Drop EITHER/OR From Your Business, Embrace BOTH/AND

  1. This is a paradigm I’m re-embracing. I say re-embracing, because when I was a kid, I did it all the time. AS I got older, it was conditioned out of me by old people telling me “the way the world works, kid.”

    Obviously, they were wrong. 😉

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